Sunday, December 18, 2011

Home and Out Again!!

One week at the abraka turf has ended and I returned home to finish what I started, quite a short time for me to finish the work I want to create. In the midst of preparing for my trip to Japan for a residency program in the week to come, I had to finish and submit my entry before I left, which meant I would miss the show opening(sad).

The use of colours on my paper work is a new addition which I had tried on two dimensional surfaces, this would be the first application on a 3 dimensional piece; I think it came out ok but it could be better or maybe there could be other ways to apply the colours. But I think I’m quite content with the result to start with.
I really wish the work was bigger(this has nothing to do with the prize!!!), as the size I had in mind had to be altered because of movements from the workshop in Delta state and back to Lagos again, didn’t want any trouble with moving the work back and forth, the paper sculptures, are somewhat fragile.
The exhibition finale took place at the Civic center on Thursday the 15th of December, and I didn’t win(again, too bad) but I am glad I have one more paper sculpture to my credit and one more exhibition to my CV, great! Congrats to the winners, though next time, I'll make sure I create a piece as large as the building( what's with judges and large works??!!!) On the contrary I'll do the opposite.

                   I also got good comments on my work (not from these people exactly, they seem to be staring at something else) and I’m glad people appreciate what I do.

Yokohama is up next, tune in next time, for more exciting photos, food and art pieces from the island of JAPAN!!Yipeeeeeee!