Thursday, June 30, 2011

Work In Progress>>>

My second 4x4 feet work is on the way, began this morning. I'm actually blowing up this piece, the first experiment from the change of name series but already I doubt very much its gonna look the same which I think is a good thing. So I started with applying a white paint surface then moved on to building the portrait with newspaper.

Sorting the news paper takes a while, because each newspaper has its own unique properties, my favorites are guardian and 234next but more especially Guardian because its soft so once its soaked I can work almost immediately and it also retains its colors and doesn't darken like punch. Punch is not my best cos its hard and it takes time to soak in glue, but its strong so I use it as the base of every piece that involves paper. Understanding their individual properties is very important cos it helps how I work.

Sorting also involves reading so I'm go through each paper browsing through each article, cutting out interesting events I need to record, for example I found one on Suzanne Wenger and Oshogbo art today, I never knew she had adopted children about 16 of them. I also enjoy cutting out recipes, I love that part. Will probably put up one or two. I cut out text and faces as well which I'm gathering for a sketch I did about 2 years ago(Its way past due).

White emulsion is a must have in my studio and I'm out, but this will do to finish up this piece. Stay tuned for the next stage of work.

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