Monday, August 12, 2013


So much has happened between my last post and now, aside working with CCA,Lagos which has been a crazy ride rich with so many experiences, adventures and not to forget mistakes, I have also been quite occupied with other stuff.
I always want to write something but then I delay cos I’m always looking for the perfect words, just typical, I’m an artist, it has to be perfect, hence I never get to post anything so I’ve decided to just go with the flow and just put up images when I have no words, like for example my present project, I’m quite speechless.

So I’ll just run through a couple of things that’s happened in the past year in another post: “A year”??, I can’t believe I left my dear blog alone all this time. Anyways its great to be back.
One major thing that happened for me was that I moved out of my old studio, It was the perfect space but so many things were wrong I had to move, it was very sad. I have gotten a new studio space but it’s a lot smaller :( but its accessible for me, my materials and anyone who wants to visit unlike my former place.
Fast forward to August 2013-
So right now I’m in Salzburg Austria (home of the sounds of Music and I mean that literally not just as regards the movie, home of Mozart HELLO!! :SWEET) and its soooo beautiful here I must confess. My program starts today so I’m hoping to use this opportunity to get back to blogging and see if I can do a daily blog, as part of my project here. In my next blog I will describe what my plans are for my time here and lets see if I can fulfil it. More on the Summer Academy can be found here and I must say a huge THANK YOU to the two organisations CCA,Lagos and the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts who made it possible for me to be here and also to my wonderful host Aglae who let me stay at her home (She’s so nice).

I may not put so many images here but if you follow me on twitter you can see images, I wouldn't want to have any excuses not to blog cos its faster and easier to tweet images and maybe I should consider Instagram hmmm!! We'll see. 


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  1. I waited. Not really a twitter person, but I'll look. Have fun!