Friday, May 19, 2017

Studio Update... May 2017

I miss the days I would wake up in the morning anxious to make a blog post when I lived in Mowe, Ogun state between 2010- 2012. To be fair on myself, I had less responsibilities and barely any project or exhibition going on, it was mostly me time!
Now!!! sigh.!!!

Let me just say I wish I could blog more not just to put my thoughts out but more because it helps me speak to myself, break down my thoughts and it reveals a part of me which I may most likely not like to speak about, to vocalize in speech. Writing is my safe place, I can't see anyone so it's easy!
And besides not many people read it hehehe!! Yes, it's true!
So thank you for reading, I know some people who always read my rants, thanks..kizzzesss!!

So it makes it easy for me to unpack my thoughts here! Here I am not worried about whether my sentences are grammatically correct or words spelt right. I can make mistakes here,(deja vu...why do I feel like I have written this before in another post) I can change my mind. More than anything my blog is really for me, it's my reminder to my past, I go back to my posts and I read them and it reminds me of things that I otherwise would forget.

I forget so much, I think I know why. Just this morning when I was about to step into the lift to get downstairs, I couldn't remember whether I had locked the door just 5 seconds ago, now this shouldn't be a big deal but it is because this happens to me every  day, not just with the door but other things.
I consciously have to tell myself to walk away and I did that this morning, I said "get into that elevator Taiye cos I'm sure you locked the door as you always do!" ( I am still thinking about the door, not sure)

I need to get to my update...

2016 didn't end on a great note!!! I was depressed from loosing my studio (best stusio I ever had by the way) but it was the circumstances surrounding it that caused the depression. I am not new to moving house, I kinda enjoy the process, of packing and unpacking, sorting things, finding lost things and the hardest one; letting go of things. I have moved a lot in the past 10 years, 7 times to be exact! That's a lot for that space of time, which means I never really get to settle down in one place long enough to really enjoy it, or get to be friends with my neighbors or get a sense of belonging to a community. Ah!! this last one took it's toll on me. :(

I think all my moving is also playing out in my recent work and even the past ones with the idea of transitions, which I have discussed in my very early posts from 2011 or so. Below is a snippet from my artist statement (text in progress)

"I am mainly interested in the idea of “transitions”, man’s ability to change but specifically looking at women’s ability adapt to new circumstances, either by fitting into already set and fixed roles, roles set by cultural and traditional expectations (as mostly the case in parts of Africa), or creating or setting new ones that “seem” more suitable and are influenced by modern times.
Through my work, I am trying to understand specifically women’s constant adaption to change within different situations of marriage, feminism, profession, migration and sexuality (popular subjects now within the African community) and so on. Also the changes that occur with women’s bodies and mind (through time and memory), their structure and fragility."

I have been thinking about my work lately in relation to things happening in my life. When I look at my wall collages, I think it's me being lost but trying to find my way amongst different possibilities, laying and layering my options... selah

Anyway I am still in recovery and I am not in the right mental space to find another place, I am not ready, I am moving between my sisters's places, it's good to spend time with family especially my nephews and nieces. And you know what's interesting, it's making me think about new work, I can't wait to show you my work for Chinafrika, it's the best example!!!! Hint: Book

But kaiii!!! I broke down, every part of me but I am grateful for my family specifically my sisters!! I didn't have much to look forward to in 2017, gosh words fail me, I was in a bad place.

But guess what, many positives have happened even though it's been really difficult. A few projects sprung up and the opportunity to also travel ( I am not an artist with a lot of money so I am always happy for expense covered travels haha!! Why don't people believe that I am broke most of the time. I'm just a very DISCIPLINED spender AND PLANNER and I never allow money direct my life)
I was in the US in May for Ori meta and now I am in residence in Matadero Madrid Spain for a 6 weeks residency. I will also visit Leipzig briefly later in June.

8 artists in residence in this studio

My desk

The coke here is so tiny

Besides side participating in a group show in Germany, and Cuba, one upcoming in Lagos (possibly), I had my first museum acquisition (been on it since last year) and a gallery is signing me on and I have to prepare for a solo next year! I know right,!! I can only say THANK GOD!

I feel blessed what more can I say, this is God saying "Taiye its going to be ok" and I know it will.


temporary tattoos, I just might have a real one some day(might)

I fell in love with Georgia O'keeffe with this show... Simply amazing

That's it folks, join me for another episode of (floating) studio updates soon!

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