Monday, May 9, 2011


My cubes are a huge inspiration for my recent works. The project started sometime in February of 2010 and they are the very first work from my artist career, I am very proud of them. 
My sister had this tall pile of newspaper and I had also collected a much taller pile about 9 feet of piled up paper from a friend. his dad had been keeping them for so long and refused to give them up (old people, my dad does exactly the same, still trying to convince him to let go of some old large glass bottles). 

As a broke young lady with tools and paper, I got building at least I could afford glue. A total of 8 cubes were made and it was and still is an interesting piece that speaks on life in Lagos where everyone lives to chance and probability, a game of chance, whatever life hands to you, you make do of it and adjust. Its hard to plan in this part of the world or rather its discouraging because the system we have is quite volatile and very unstable. Its hard to project the future even though you have it all written on paper but then not impossible it takes hard work and the grace God. 
I'm trying to re create the installation again, the initial cubes are weak and old now but then it only adds element to my point, many ideas all gone old and not achieved, forgotten dreams.
Creating the cubes takes a lot time especially the drying time, plus I am very slow in work cos I can be quite meticulous. Two cubes are ready and I'm aiming at 12. And hopefully create another life size image.

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  1. The cubes look beautiful, and I love the blog post/message that goes with them. All the best with the remaining 10.