Monday, May 23, 2011

NEW WORK, yum!

This is my most recent piece still work in progress as you can see. Had done smaller pieces of 2x2 feet but I'm convinced enough to blow them up now. This is 4x 4 feet.

When i sat back to take a look at the work pretending I'm the audience ( very hard to do ) the first thing that came to my mind was " all that glitters is not gold" a popular saying that speaks of deceit. The photographic film canisters (opened and flattened out) are all bright and shiny so can't help but catch your fancy, like the works of Shonibare and Warhol.

My change of name series addresses materialism and attraction to all that's beatiful but there's the pain that comes with getting it. I would give a better explanation when the work is complete, at least this first piece, cos i look forward to creating up to ten of this series God helping me, my job is taking most of my time but not all so I will get them done. See you at completion.

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