Monday, May 9, 2011


This is a "cubic" continuation of the the paper cubes but this time made from one of the objects I collect. Since i started collecting paper i decided to collect other things that are available in large in numbers at enough to build something with. from a younger age I always had issues throwing stuff away i felt it could be reused instead of throwing them away and end up someplace without being recycled. Till today I'm conscious about whatever i buy so i don't accumulate stuff at home and create less waste to the already filthy environment. Thank God Lagos is changing. 

Waste is created everywhere and all the time and nobody cares about the consequences of buying something as little as a ball point pen or biro as we call it. 
Lagos is ever changing with an ever changing culture caused by the modern society it’s enveloped in through heavy influence from the media and at great speed imbibing its ways.
My new work/ series aims to challenge and questions the notions and reasons for this change but especially pointing a finger directly at the materialistic culture it has acquired and the ignorance of its consequences.
This work was created for a group show titled the " The Green summary" It was organized by the center for contemporary art Lagos. It held to celebrate the organization's anniversary as well as the country's. We had a color restriction to green.

 The welcome to my world installation deals on individual space and limits we have as human beings and especially those created  by the society and the system we run as a nation. People have different limits some more than others and others little to none, we are surrounded by an invisible wall that exist in our minds its as though everything is within reach because of what we watch on television and all we hear about the industrialized society. The round plastics are gotten from CD rolls and of course an imported product, are a metaphor for the deceit we receive from foriegn media of how life is greener on their side creating the migration of a large number of people from Africa abroad in search of this space without borders or walls, to create a territory with out limits.

The exhibition featured the works of Ndidi Dike, Emeka Ogboh, Jude Anogwih, Richardson Oviebo, Taiye Idahor, Uchay Chima Joel, Victoria Udondian, Karo Akpofiere and Jelili Atiku.

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